Values-Based Planning

Discovery Leads to Wise Choices

You have individual experiences and unique hopes and dreams that call for a values-based approach to financial planning. Your core values become the basis for defining your financial philosophy and this serves as a guide in developing your plan.

The starting point for Financial Discovery is to separate two conversations that are often blended into one. Specifically, planning conversations can sometimes move too quickly to solutions, before taking the time to really understand what matters to you, and why it matters.

To address this, we separate the conversations using a concept called The Planning Horizon™. First we explore what matters and why. Once we do, then we’ll work with you to develop a plan to achieve it.

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Natural Priority of Wealth Planning

The wealth planning process often involves three phases: financial independence, family legacy, and social capital.

  1. Financial Independence:

    Solutions are in place to meet your retirement and other personal goals to ensure your personal financial well-being.

  2. Family Legacy:

    Leaving your children an inheritance, giving them a financial head start in life and providing for their general future needs along with your personal values will shape the commitments you make in creating your family legacy.

  3. Social Capital:

    Determining the disposition of your assets through community and charitable giving take place to ensure your assets will not go to the government in the form of a tax but to a charity as a gift.

Your plan should maintain your desired lifestyle and protect your financial security, transfer what you have to whom you want, when you want and how you want, and allow you to choose between charitable or tax dollars.

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